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The kitchen is the most popular place, therefore deserves special attention.  Our cleaning experts start by wiping clean all counter-tops. Then clean the inside and outside of the microwave, the stove-top, drip pans and hood as well as cabinets, kitchen table and chairs. Ending with a vacuuming and mopping to the floor.


Dusting is our first step in ensuring every surface area is clean, including window sills and baseboards. afterwords, we'll clean picture frames, mirrors, furniture and items that are sitting on or around the furniture. Our cleaning experts will finish the bedroom with a good vacuum and mop. We also have a option to make up the bed with fresh linens as well.


Our cleaning experts start with removal of cobwebs, dust, then wipe clean counter-tops, basins, faucets, mirrors, tub and areas near and around it. Afterwords we will clean the tile, the inside and outside of the shower, sanitize the toilet and vacuum and mop the floor.

Dining room

The cleaning starts with dusting the light fixture. Then we wipe clean the table, chairs and other furniture. Followed by vacuuming and mopping.

Living Room

The living room will receive good care. We'll dust and wipe down the entertainment center, furniture and other items in the room. Closing with our experts vacuuming and mopping the floor. 

Laundry ROOM

Our Cleaning Experts will also wipe the surfaces in the laundry, including the washer and dryer, vacuum and/or mop the floor.


Orl​ando FL and Surrounding Areas

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