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Estimate Expectations steps

  1. You have set up an appointment for a free, no-obligation estimate.
  2. Our cleaning expert will arrive in a branded vehicle wearing Mrs-Clean Maid services attire.
  3. While in your home, we will work with you to create a Cleaning Plan that fits your needs, discuss cost and set mutual expectations for satisfaction and success.
  4. We offer a great deal of different cleaning options and this meeting is a great opportunity to discuss:
  • Areas you’d like to receive special attention
  • Rooms you would like to have emphasized or de-emphasized
  • Special projects you’d like to have tackled, like refrigerator or oven cleaning
  • What you liked and did not like about any cleaning services you’ve used in the past
  • Cleaning supplies, disinfectants, green cleaning, etc. cleaning frequency and your preferred day of service

reoccurring and single services. 

  • Weekly or bi-weekly services is our most popular cleaning schedule. But we’re also happy to provide less-frequent cleanings to suit your needs: once every three weeks, monthly, and one-time cleanings for special events or moving in/moving out. The frequency you choose is dependent on your life style and or budget. We will provide you with options so you can choose what works best for you.
  • At the end of the in-home estimate, our cleaning expert can schedule your first cleaning appointment. With Mrs-Clean Maid Services, you will never be asked to sign a contract


Orl​ando FL and Surrounding Areas

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